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Developed by Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and IPEEC Building Energy Efficiency Taskgroup (BEET), this web portal supports efficient international knowledge exchange on building energy code implementation by providing information, experience, and resources from around the world.
International Collaboration to Improve the Implementation of Building Energy Codes
The potential benefits of building energy codes are numerous. With effective codes, buildings can deliver energy services to families and businesses using a fraction of the energy used today. In fact, comfort and productivity could even be improved. Jobs and markets could be created in new industries for energy saving technologies. Pollution in homes and cities and heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions could be mitigated, protecting human health, well-being, and prosperity. The promise is great. But realizing that promise requires the successful implementation of building energy codes. Countries are learning how to effectively implement codes. Through international collaboration, they can learn from each other to accelerate progress in building energy performance at home and globally.
About this Site
This web portal has been developed in consultation with governments participating in the IPEEC Building Energy Efficiency Taskgroup (BEET). Recognizing that a number of online resources exist for general information on building energy codes, the information provided on this site provides an overview of the implementation of building energy code systems according to specific topics such as:
• the history and scope of codes
• the institutional arrangements for implementation
• supportive tools and capacity building
• enforcement mechanisms
• systems to test and rate building materials
The information is searchable by topic and by country. Search results also contain links to other on-line resources on building codes, links to regional resources, and experts on building code implementation.
The web portal contains reports, including “Delivering Energy Savings in Buildings,” webinars, and related news. 

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