Article 7 EED explained

Overview of Energy Efficiency Directive
The European Union has set itself the goal of reducing EU primary energy consumption by 20% by 2020, compared to current projections. The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) (2012/27/EU) was adopted on 25 October 2012 and entered into force on 5 December 2012. It is the key instrument to help attain this goal and has now been transposed by all Member States (MS).
The Directive establishes a common framework of measures for the promotion of energy efficiency within the Union in order to ensure the achievement of the Union’s 20-20-20 headline target on energy efficiency and to pave the way for further energy efficiency improvements beyond that date. It lays down rules designed to remove barriers in the energy market and overcome market failures that impede efficiency in the supply and use of energy, and provides for the establishment of indicative national energy efficiency targets for 2020.  Download a copy of the Directive 2012/27/EU click here.

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