An EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling – Staff Working Document (Part 1)

This Staff Working Document accompanies the Commission Communication on an EU strategy for heating and cooling, released in February 2016. The proposed strategy provides a framework for integrating efficient heating and cooling into EU energy policies by focusing action on stopping the energy leakage from buildings, maximising the efficiency and sustainability of heating and cooling systems, supporting efficiency in industry and reaping the benefits of integrating heating and cooling into the electricity system.
The European Union has a number of policies and legislation affecting heating and cooling directly or indirectly. A number of Member States developed – or are in the process of developing – specific strategies addressing heating and cooling in the context of their national climate and energy policies. However, there is an insufficient understanding, as this sector has so far not been subject to a dedicated EU level assessment as a whole. This Staff Working Document is a first step to review the available information on this sector.
The information provided in the document is presented in the following chapters:
Primary and final energy consumption for heating and cooling
Fuel mix in heating and cooling
Overview of heating and cooling technologies
Focus on specific solutions for heating and cooling

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An EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling – Staff Working Document (Part 1)

Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, District energy, Power sector, Renewables

Country / Region: Europe

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Published by: European Commission

Publishing year: 2016

Author: European Commission