An EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling – Factsheet

The EU Heating and Cooling Strategy, announced in February 2016 by the European Commission in its relevant Communication, is the first EU initiative addressing the energy used for heating and cooling in buildings and industry, which accounts for 50% of the EU’s annual energy consumption.
By making the sector smarter, more efficient and sustainable, energy imports and dependency will fall, costs will be cut and emissions will be reduced. The Strategy is a key action of the Energy Union Framework Strategy and will contribute to improving EU’s energy security and to addressing post-COP 21 climate agenda.
This Factsheet explains the new Strategy, providing useful information on:
the current situation of the heating and cooling sector in Europe;
the proposals of the Strategy;
the expected benefits for the citizens, the workers, the industry and the environment;
the role of heating and cooling in reaching the EU’s energy efficiency and renewable energy targets;
the situation of Europe compared to other parts of the world in terms of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector;
the long-term vision;
the next steps.

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Sectors: Buildings, Cross cutting, District energy, Renewables

Country / Region: Europe

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Publishing year: 2016