Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (C2E2) invites developers to submit their bids for development of a Knowledge Management System (KMS) for energy efficiency.

The “Instructions for Bids” that includes the expected contents of the bids, the bid submission procedure, and bid evaluation criteria are included in the document “Bid Requirements“. The document also includes information about C2E2, as well as background, objectives, activities and deliverables for the KMS.


An email indicating developer’s interest in submitting a proposal should be received by C2E2 by 25 July 2015. Any inquiry regarding this invitation for tender can be submitted by e-mail until 30 July, 2015. All the queries received will be addressed by August 3 and all bidders informed accordingly.

All bids should be submitted electronically latest by 31 August 2015 4.00 pm (CET).

All communications related to the bidding process should be sent electronically to Jyoti Painuly ( with a copy to Aristeidis Tsakiris (

Update notification (24-07-2015): The bid document accessible here has been updated. Minor corrections (syntax, grammar & format of the text) and additions were made in the following two sections:

  • Publications/Reports
  • Tools/Instruments

Application deadline: 31/08/2015