Integrating energy efficiency into 10YFP— C2E2 contributes to on-site workshop

September 12, 2016

C2E2 experts were on hand September 8 and 9 for a workshop highlighting the importance of integrating energy efficiency into the 10-year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Production and Consumption (10YFP). Representatives of 10YFP’s programmes from around the world gathered at UN City in Copenhagen for two days of lectures, seminars and discussion groups with experts from C2E2, UNEP-DTIE, UNEP DTU and other energy efficiency specialists.

Improving energy efficiency is key to promoting sustainable consumption and production, and 10YFP has recently sought support from C2E2 to help integrate energy efficiency into its six programme areas: public procurement, tourism, building, food, lifestyle and education. C2E2 was also called upon to assist 10YFP inform consumers on making energy efficiency choices. The resulting workshop highlighted strategies and options for incorporating energy efficiency into each programme area.

Workshop discussions were supported by a background paper authored by C2E2 experts assessing the potential barriers, existing efforts, policy instruments and infrastructure needs related to integrating energy efficiency into 10YFP programme areas. Energy efficiency finance and international funding mechanisms were also addressed in seminars and group work. The workshop concluded with concrete action plans for each 10YFP programme that outlined energy efficiency integration and identified selected cooperation opportunities.

Once the post-workshop feedback is incorporated, the background paper will be finalized and made publicly available on-line.