Training Course – Efficient Energy Management in Argentinian Municipalities

12 April, 2018 - 28 June, 2018

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, the Argentinian Network of Municipalities in the face of Climate Change (RAMCC) and the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the University of Buenos Aires have designed a training course on ‘Efficient Energy Management in Municipalities’.

The training course consists of 56 virtual hours, and another 6 hours of project tutoring for each participating municipality, in order to provide training that updates the skills of the municipal staff in the areas of environment, planning and infrastructure, in the theoretical and practical aspects of the knowledge of the energy sector, focused mainly on energy efficiency.

This program seeks to contribute to generating a more integrated vision in the planning and implementation of public policies to favor improvement in the management of energy in the municipalities, while providing tools for their optimization.

The program foresees that each participating municipality designs and executes an energy efficiency project of real application (in hospitals, schools, government buildings, etc.). For this, personalized tutoring of said projects is included with the final objective of ensuring its correct assembly, execution and evaluation to achieve the desired results.


Local Authorities of Argentina.


12 weeks.


Virtual. With final tutorial for the design of projects.


Train local governments in aspects and experiences related to the management and efficient use of energy.


  • Create awareness about opportunities, the environmental and economic importance of saving and efficiency in energy management at the municipal level.
  • Offer a space for dialogue that allows for the exchange of good practices and capitalize on experiences acquired for the correction of erroneous practices.
  • Provide tools for the design and development of municipal energy efficiency projects.
  • Transmit practical instruments that ensure the correct implementation of actions and application and tools.


  1. Introduction to energy systems
  2. Electricity management
  3. Lighting systems
  4. Air conditioning systems
  5. Recognition and management of electromechanical equipment
  6. Water and sanitation systems
  7. Passive design strategies
  8. Barriers to energy efficiency and efficiency promotion programs
  9. Regulations
  10. Measurement, technologies and energy efficiency diagnostics
  11. Communication, dissemination and awareness.
  12. Mentoring workshop for project design.


Through the participation of companies, it is sought to transmit information and key tools for energy management through the knowledge they have, as well as their products and services.
In this context, companies can:

  • Include their logo as collaborators of the Course and provide dissemination material.
  • Make presentations of materials and products in virtual classes for a time of 30 minutes.
  • Send the students documents, information and research pieces.
  • Participate in communication and mass dissemination of the training course.

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