Danish Society of Engineers visit UNEP DTU Partnership

May 22, 2015

On Thursday, 21 May, twenty five members of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) visited UN City to learn more about the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) and its work on energy and climate change.

Members got an opportunity to learn about UNEP DTU Partnership’s work through a presentation made by Tim Farrell, who described in detail the work of UDP’s two Centres: the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and the Centre on Energy Climate and Sustainable Development.

Participants learnt about the range of activities the Copenhagen Centre was engaging at the global, regional and national levels to accelerate energy efficiency to help reach the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) objective of doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvement by 2030. The importance of the Private Sector, Development Banks and International Financial Institutions continuing to invest in energy efficiency was also highlighted. An interesting discussion also took place on how some countries are removing fuel subsidies, which is an important action to help promote and realise the multiple benefits being delivered by improvements in energy efficiency.

The presentation was followed by a networking session where the visiting members got an opportunity to interact with staff from the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency.