Public lighting toolbox for municipal energy efficiency implementation

Street lighting can represent up to 40% of the electricity bills at a municipal level, accounts for 15% of the global power consumption and a 5% of the greenhouse emissions. Furthermore, electricity use for lighting is expected to grow about 50% in the next two decades. Available lighting solutions can help developing countries to reduce annual electricity demand for lighting by 40 to 60% with payback periods lower than 3 years. By incorporating efficiency into existing and planned infrastructure systems, costs can be controlled, service delivery can be improved and access expanded without necessarily adding to the cost of the service.

In line with the global street lighting market growth and country requirements, the Copenhagen Center on Energy Efficiency together with United Nations Environmental Programme initiative United for Efficiency, have jointly developed a Street Lighting toolbox to assess the energy, financial and climate saving potential that can be reached from the shift out of existing older street lighting technologies to intelligent, energy-efficient LED systems.

Based on its own experience and international best practices the Centre has developed a public lighting toolbox to disseminate and circulate success stories to engage other cities, countries or organisations that could be potential partners in replicating successful activities. The toolbox provides the following solutions for the lighting sector with the aim to accelerate the energy efficiency at a local level:

  • Self-rapid assessment online tool of potential energy efficiency opportunities and possible benefits of specific EE actions in street lighting
  • Guidelines for Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) for lighting
  • Contract templates and parameters to be included in the tender
  • Financial solutions
  • Recommendations for Measure and Verification process
  • Creating partnerships and projects ready for implementation and replication
  • Dissemination material on best practices and study cases

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Sector: Lighting

Country / Region: Global