District Cooling Systems eTraining – India

This training covers the basics of district cooling systems (DCS). It shares valuable insights of the key aspects of District Cooling Systems planning, as well as tools and skills to successfully implement District Cooling Systems at a city and district scale. By following this training you will also be able to learn more about real cases across the globe and unlock the potential of centralized energy solutions to increase the rate of energy efficiency improvements for cooling in buildings while meeting sustainable development targets. The training is formulated considering specific local conditions in India, hence the target audience are:
  • National and local authorities, including project managers, project sponsors and technical experts
  • Local utilities or services
  • Professionals involved or interested in underwriting, research, consultancy or other professional services for District Cooling Systems
  • Other individuals/institutions with an interest in District Cooling Systems planning in India

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Sector: District energy

Country / Region: India