Chilean delegation visits Copenhagen to learn from Danish experiences in district energy, energy efficiency and waste to energy

Chilean delegates from Temuco and Santiago city visited Copenhagen to learn about Danish experiences in district energy, energy efficiency and waste to energy.

July 18, 2018

The delegation participated in workshops, site visits and roundtables held at the UN City between June 18-22 2018. The activity was initiated by Fundación Energía para Todos and UN Environment, supported by UNEP-DTU partnership and the Confederation of Danish Industries and was financed by the Chilean Embassy in Denmark.

Two days of site visits in Copenhagen
During two days during of site visits in Copenhagen, the delegation experienced on-the-ground technologies from Danish companies working in district energy, energy efficiency and waste to energy. This included visits at the waste to energy plant managed by the Amager Resource Centre (ARC), as well the district cooling system in Copenhagen managed by HOFOR. The site visits also included a tour of the technical installations at the UN City in Copenhagen, which is one of the most sustainable buildings of its kind in Scandinavia, having received a Platinum LEED certificate and the European Commission’s Green Building Award for New Buildings.

Rooftop PV panels (left) and the seawater cooling system at the UN city (right) in Copenhagen.

Workshop training at the UN City
After two days of first-hand experiences from site visits in Copenhagen, the delegates followed a training program conducted as a workshop at the UN city. The programme aimed at capacitating the delegates in the areas of energy efficiency, district energy and waste to energy by sharing different tools and approaches to develop a strategic energy plan for cities, for instance the use of heat maps. Different experts from the Technical University of Denmark, UNEP-DTU partnership, Aalborg University, UN Environment and Ramboll collaborated with the delegates.

Workshop at the UN city in Copenhagen.

Roundtable discussions with Danish companies and organisations
On the final day of the visit, the delegates met public and private stakeholders from Denmark, including Danfoss, Ramboll, the Danish Energy Agency, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S, Linka Energy, PlanEnergi, the Danish Board of District Heating, Combigas, HOFOR, the Chilean Embassy in Denmark and the Confederation of Danish Industry. During the roundtable, the delegates presented their environmental challenges currently faced in Santiago and Temuco city in areas of waste management and air pollution, thereby identifying possible collaboration opportunities with the Danish stakeholders, and bringing valuable contacts and knowledge back to their respective cities.

Roundtable of private and public stakeholders from Denmark.