C2E2 Establishes Secretariat for the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform

February 18, 2016

A Secretariat for the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform was established has been coordinated from a new Secretariat housed in the Copenhagen Centre Since September 2015, the. While the Secretariat will take on an organisational role, a range of leading international energy efficiency organisations will offer targeted support for individual sectors such as buildings, industry, passenger vehicles, lighting, appliances, district energy, power and finance.

As the flagship initiative of SE4All, the Platform espouses the partnership’s private-public collaboration philosophy and applies it to energy efficiency implementation. Acting as an entry point where representatives of national, regional and city governments can engage with a variety of energy efficiency stakeholders, the Platform connects public agencies with organisations and companies that are active in both global and local energy efficiency markets. The knowledge gleaned from these experts in terms of technology, markets, financial instruments and implementation approaches can help government agencies put their energy efficiency policies into practice.

For more information about the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform, please visit http://www.eeplatform.se4all.org/