Submit Abstracts, Papers, Proposals

Dear colleagues,

Due to the lockdown during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the co-organisers postponed the deadlines for abstract submission and acceptance notice by one month. C2E2 staff are now working from home. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at

All are welcome to participate as authors, speakers, or an audience.

You can participate as authors, speakers, or participants.

Authors & speakers

  • The abstract submission and review process has finished as of February 2021 and almost 80 abstracts are accepted.
  • Present your research during the conference (10 min. presentation + 5 min. discussions).
  • Full papers submission for inclusion in the conference proceedings: latest by 28 February 2021.
  • The conference proceedings will include all accepted abstracts and some full papers and will be released during the conference.

The Journal ‘Energy Policy’ has approved a special issue, ‘Behavioural insights for sustainable energy use: Theories, evidence and policy implications’ based on paper submissions to BEHAVE 2020-2021.

  • Full papers for the Energy Policy journal special issue: the guest editors have finished the strict abstract screening process and sent the full paper invitations to the authors of the 15 selected abstracts. Based on agreement with the journal, priorities are given to the abstracts with new tests and experiments, instead of those of literature review.
  • The invited papers will go through a normal peer-review process; the acceptance decision of the papers will depend on the results of the peer-review process (Author Guide – Energy Policy).
  • Full paper submission for the journal Special Issue in Elsevier System: 30 April – 31 May 2021.

Presenting only

Even if you do not plan to submit an abstract or a full paper, you are welcome to propose presentations, posters, panel discussion, special session, and side event, template for proposals are available by clicking Template for Proposal Submission to BEHAVE 2020. Upon authorisation of the presenters, the PPT documents of the presentations will be made publicly available.

Deadline for proposal submission: 15 March 2021.

How to submit proposals

All submissions should be made via e-mail to The decisions from the Scientific Committee will also be communicated to the authors and proposal submitters via e-mails.

Attending Only

You are welcome to attend the conference, even if you choose not to present a paper. Remember to select “attending only” when registering for the conference.

All participants need to register for their participation. To register, please go to ‘Registration‘.