Energy Efficiency Accelerators

The Energy Efficiency Committee of the Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) has agreed to establish a global platform for multi-stakeholder action on sectoral ‘accelerators’ that will focus on scaling up and accelerating energy efficiency work at the national, sub-national and city levels. To demonstrate the approach, a number of countries, cities, regions and industries will be identified as initial partners that are interested and willing to scale up action with potential supporters – investors, donors and policy experts – in selected sectors. The initial sectors identified include: buildings, transport and motor vehicle fuel efficiency, lighting and appliances, district energy systems, and industrial energy efficiency, including small and medium enterprises.  The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, acting as the SEforALL Energy Efficiency Hub, will provide the technical underpinning for each of the sectoral ‘accelerators’, by highlighting the various high-impact opportunities available at both country- and regional-levels, and by analysing sectoral best practices on policy and programme implementation. C2E2 will also provide other technical support needed during the implementation of each ‘accelerator’.

Some of the envisaged ‘accelerators’ have already been initiated, and are currently at a stage of gathering the necessary stakeholders to reach a transformational headway. These ‘accelerators’ are: